Since a long time I was longing for happiness and peace. Since 2003 I am a member of the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) and I practice Buddhism according to Nichiren Daishonin, who praises the law of cause and effect. About nine years ago I met Yoga in England.

Daniel Gelbod, a wonderful teacher introduced me to the essence of Yoga. Only after a short time I was able to experience the wonderful effect of Yoga and I started visiting Yoga classes on a regular basis. I experienced the great feeling of uniting body, mind and soul. My perspective of myself changed amazingly.

In a corporate business world I never came across true warmth and love. Yoga became my sunshine. No pressure to be successful and being fully loved. I was moved and wanted to get to know more about Yoga. Yoga was the flower that was missing my Buddhist practice. Buddhism and Yoga wonderfully complement each other.

When I came across the Airyoga in Munich I was so pleased to have found a Yoga studio that suited me so well. Finally I got to know more and more about Yoga. Even though I was working 60 hours a week I decided to take the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training according to the Yoga Alliance.

In the beginning I did not really drive for becoming a yoga teacher, I simply wanted to dive deeper into Yoga. But very soon I had the longing to share my experience with others and to make Yoga accessible to everyone. When Desikacher, student of the brilliant Iyengar, was asked, “What is Yoga“ he simply answered “Yoga is life!“ Amazing how precise and true this answer is. Yoga has changed my life so beautifully. I want to dedicate my life to Yoga just as Yoga has dedicated its wonderful philosophy to my life.

My Teaching: Yoga.Inspired

Yoga is very miscellaneous. There are many trends and alignments. Three trends of Hatha Yoga did amaze and fascinate me the most.

During my classes I want to merge parts of Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow and Anusara.

I love the exact and careful alignment of Asanas (Yoga postures) of Iyengar, the harmonic flow of Vinyasa Flow and the dynamic and graceful flow of alignment of Anusara.

I teach in classes and single and I want to grow the positioning of business Yoga.

No matter what kind of yoga classes I teach. One of my main focus is to synchronise the flow of breath and movement. Music and warm atmosphere complement my teaching.

I want to inspire people to believe in their infinite potential and to live their dreams.

I teach in English and German.

Inspired by:

John Friend, Anusara Yoga || Ross RayburnAnusara Yoga || Barbara NohAiryoga München || Gerald Brown, TriYoga London || Christine May, Prana Flow Yoga || Richard Hackenberg, Iyengar Yoga || Jordan Bloom, Yoga Therapy